Protecting Objectiveness

Dog Media Solutions LLC is a web production company focused on fact-based content. Our specialization is health insurance.

We are tremendously proud of the impact that we have made in presenting Fact-Based content to hundreds of millions of people around the globe (almost 40 million to alone).

Here’s to providing the world with a foundation for better decision-making through factual data. Cheers.

Quality Results

Our goal has always been to create assets that cut through the noise to get to the truth. We take great pride in providing quality websites based on factual content.

Our websites include,,, and

We have worked with HealthNetwork for nearly a decade to ensure we together produce the highest quality leads in the online health insurance space.

We have also run popular informational fact-based sites such as,, and many more.

We also do work in game development and publishing.

Thomas DeMichele has contributed to, Maker Dao Community Development, and HowToReferral, as well as working with the ad teams of the biggest brands in digital finance over the past eight years.


Since our first website in 1994 and continuing through the 2000s, we have focused on quality content, smart marketing, and natural-search-based search engine optimization.

Our team (Thomas DeMichele and Walt Whitney) has over a decade of experience working with health insurance information and other forms of digital publishing.

Our team also has nearly a decade of experience in digital finance and has worked with some of the biggest companies in that space.

We haven’t stopped when it comes to presenting complex ideas through easy solutions — Plus, we are good-hearted, loyal, and cuddly. Hence the name, Dog Media Solutions!



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